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About us

This is who we are.

Hi there. Are you here to see who made this shop and what is the story behind it? Well, I can tell you that we are two young guys, who wanted to create a place where customers can have only the best quality cases. We work together in also others project but at this moment London factory is the biggest (so far, because we want to expand this year).
You think that London Factory is a nice brand name right? We also think the same. Why London Factory? Because we are based in London, we work in London and our main target customers are based in London, and Factory because we create this, is our factory.

We started this journey with big plans, we search and we check many names for the brand and finally, we pick London Factory.  At the begging, we struggle to learn more about the Shopify platform (which is great), we want simplicity but in the same time, we want that shop to be attractive because customers love this. We work hard to gain a fast loading time (1.9s), everything to be optimised and this takes us almost 1 month. The main feature of our products is quality, to gain products with excellence description and great product pictures in the shop take us 2 months. So as you can see we work a lot to reach the final destination what will bring us in the future some extra income and bigger dreams and a big expansion of this brand.


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