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Samsung Galaxy S10 is receiving a new upgrade but here's why some fans will be disappointed

Samsung's Galaxy S10 series released last month and has proved to be incredibly popular.

In fact, research firm Counterpoint recently declared the South Korean powerhouse's S10 lineup outsold its S9 range by 16 per cent when both their respective first weeks on sale in the US were taken into account.

Additionally, the S10 series also took the title of being the most pre-ordered Samsung smartphone to date in the UK.

Galaxy S10 comes in four models; the Galaxy S10e, standard Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 5G.

While the latter is not yet available in the UK, the other three are and each is appealing for different reasons.

One of the biggest changes presented by the S10 range comes with its cameras; all variants of the hardware out the main sensor and an ultra wide-angle shot capable of snapping extremely unique images.

The standard S10 and S10+ come with an additional telephoto module while the S10 5G has four cameras thanks to its extra time-of-flight (TOF) lens.

The Samsung device does have a night mode within its camera software dubbed Bright Night.

However, when the hardware launched this was only able to be used when the S10 thought it was dark enough to employ.

That means early S10 adopters were not able to summon the mode at will like on rival flagships like the Google Pixel 3, Huawei P30 Pro and more.



But it appears Samsung is now making Bright Night a dedicated mode within the camera app, allowing for use at any time, as reported by SamMobile. The outlet insisted the improvement is bundled in with the phone's April 2019 security patch that has already started rolling out. Although the ability to utilise the night mode at any time brings the S10 up to speed with the P30 Pro and Pixel 3, Samsung has not changed the processing behind the function which will surely come as a disappointment to many fans. When reviewed the S10+, we noted its Bright Night feature simply could not keep pace with similar modes offered by Google and Huawei.



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