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Realme teases an upgraded XT with Snapdragon 730G

The just-announced Realme XT features a Snapdragon 712 chipset and a 64MP main camera but it looks as if the handset is getting an upgrade pretty soon. The event's "one more thing" was a teaser for an upgraded version of the phone that is scheduled for December.

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Although the poster says "more surprises in December", the Realme XT 730G seems more like a hardware refresh than anything. It highlights the Snapdragon 730G chipset as a centerpiece feature, which is a standard Snapdragon 730 SoC but with better graphics performance due to the higher GPU clock speeds.

It also adds a more advanced fast charging tech - 30W VOOC Flash Charge. Probably similar to OnePlus' 30W Warp Charge tech since both are under the Oppo umbrella.

The rest of the hardware such as camera, chassis design, screen and battery remain the same. We will know more in December.


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