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OnePlus 7 Pro will have triple camera

The OnePlus 7 Pro will have three rear cameras, and the reason we say that confidently is that's coming from OnePlus itself. The Chinese phone maker has tweeted a 10 second video clip to tease the upcoming OnePlus 7 launch on May 14, and included in the video is the outline of a handset with three cameras on its rear. There will be a 5G OnePlus. All the 5G phones to date

Want something fancier? How about a foldable phone?

With the inclusion of the #OnePlus7Pro hashtag, there's no questioning the handset the firm is referring to in this tweet. It may mean the rumoured standard OnePlus 7 doesn't pack three rear cameras and may resort to two as per previous generations of the firm's flagship line, as this would be a way to keep costs down.

More hints if you click through

The link in the tweet takes you to a teaser page on the OnePlus website and as you scroll down there are various flashy graphics and bold statements, but looking a little deeper we can see a few other nuggets of information on the upcoming handsets.

There's a reference to 5G, following on from OnePlus's announcement last year that it will launch a 5G device in 2019, while a video further down gives us a glimpse of the edges of the handset which appears to confirm the presence of a notification slider and a down-firing speaker.

We'll know all the details soon though, and we'll be reporting live from the OnePlus 7 launch event on May 14 to bring you everything you need to know.



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