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LG G9 ThinQ - 23 February 2020 (TBC)

LG G9 ThinQ

We don't know much about the upcoming LG G9 ThinQ, save for the fact that it will be unveiled at MWC next February. We don't even know if it will go on sale in the UK, given that the G8 (pictured) did not.

Worryingly, LG told Android Authority at MWC 2019 that 5G was going to be restricted to the V-series, while the G-series would be stuck on 4G. It doesn't bode well for a flagship phone that was already looking a little dated with its chunky screen notch, dual-lens camera and rear fingerprint sensor.

However the G8 excels in its display and in audio, which we're hoping will carry through to the G9. This could be one of the only flagship phones left to include a 3.5mm headphone jack, now that Samsung has dropped it from Note 10.


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