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Google Pixel 3a makes Galaxy S10 Night mode camera look even worse

A $400 phone’s camera night mode beats the Galaxy S10’s

At $400, the Pixel 3a is considerably cheaper than the Galaxy S10e, which retails for $749 in the US. Now, as an overall package, the Pixel 3a falls in the mid-range category and can’t match the Galaxy S10 lineup as far as the specs and features are concerned. And being able to take great photos in the dark without having to tinker with camera settings may not be too important for everyone, but in my opinion, Samsung now has no excuse to not offer something like Night Sight to its consumers as soon as it possibly can.

Samsung probably won’t be able to fully match the capabilities of Night Sight, as Google is using data from the billions of photos it has on its servers (through Google Photos and other services) to make the algorithms that power Night Sight. There’s no reason Samsung can’t do better, though. The Galaxy S10 camera’s Night mode can make a difference in low-light conditions, but it’s just a basic night mode and not truly impressive compared to what the Pixels can do with more basic camera hardware.

The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL might not do too well outside the US, but with Google now offering a flagship-grade camera on a mid-range phone and Chinese OEMs already breathing down Samsung’s neck, the Korean giant needs to pick up the pace. My colleague Danny thinks the Galaxy S11 to be a flagship ‘camera’ phone, but now that Google’s mid-range Pixels have come into the picture (no pun intended), Samsung would do well to bring something impressive in the camera department this year itself with the Galaxy Note 10.


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