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Google is Working on its Own Foldable Smartphone, But a Release is Still Far Off

Folding phones are happening, whether you like it or not, and it seems that Google is running alongside the bandwagon waiting to either hop on, or dive out of the way should it go careening off a cliff and land in a shattered heap next to 3D TVs and other fad pieces of tech that failed to take off.


Mario Queiroz, head of Pixel development at Google, told CNETthat the company is "definitely prototyping the technology," and that it's something it's been working on for some time now. Admitting that folding phones are more of a novelty gadget than a must-have, Queiroz said that foldable smartphones need to be "more innovative" and offer something beyond a larger screen.

Google is prototyping "many other new hardware technologies" as well, but Queiroz didn't elaborate any further.

At Google I/O yesterday, the tech giant touched on Android Q, and highlighted the App Continuity feature that allows devices with foldable screens to switch between apps when folded and seamlessly transfer those apps to the larger display when unfolded.

Foldable phones are still very new, and Samsung had an embarrassing snafu when Galaxy Fold reviewers reported pretty significant screen issues.

If you can't get enough of bendy phones, you'll love watching these robots fold and unfold the devices over and over again. It's far more satisfying than it should be.


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